Leather and Vinyl Upholstery Repair and Refurbishment

Dripping Auto Pros can repair most tears, rips and hole in leather and vinyl seats in cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and airplanes.

Actual Customer Repairs

The passenger seat of this Honda CRV had seen better days, and someone attempted multiple repairs on it.

We repaired all of them; however, the sub-patch that was placed under the tear in the middle could not be removed without making the tear much worse. We decided to leave it there, which is why you see a small crease there. It will eventually disappear.

The driver’s seat on this 2001 Mustang GT had a tear in the seat bottom. We first attempted to stitch it together, but the leather did not cooperate. The leather was too old and dry and lacked plasticity required for a stitched repair.

We applied a small sub-patch under the tear and two larger patches on top of the tear in order to provide strength. 

We then built up the repair and painted the entire seat. It looks 100% better than it did and the owner is happy.
So are we!

The same seat provided another opportunity to improve its looks.

We filled in an area that was looking bare and repainted it. It looks quite a bit better.

At the end of the day, this 21 year-old seat looked remarkably better than before.

This same seat had one more challenge – a vertical tear on the seat back, with cracks above, below and to the sides. Stitching it up was not an option. There were two options:

  1. Get the seat reupholstered. $$$$$
  2. Attempt a patch repair.

The owner wanted us to do the best we could as a reupholstery job was cost prohibitive. So, we applied a small sub-patch under the tear and a larger patch on top of the tear in order to strengthen the area around it. This approach, while not cosmetically perfect, strengthens the leather around the tear.

At the end of the day, the seat back is structurally sound. Our repair protects the tear, and the cracked leather that surrounds it. Over time, the repair area will subside. We topped it off with a leather ceramic coating for lasting protection.

If you have a leather or vinyl seat in need of repair and/or refurbishment, fill out this form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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