Be Impressed

Auto Detailing Perfected

The driving force at Dripping Auto Pros is simple: Impress the customer with our work!

That’s what happened to 15 year old Ken Chance in 1969. While working at a car wash in Richmond, Virginia, a giant of a man named LeRoy impressed him with his ability to magically transform ordinary cars into colorful mirrors on four wheels.

Decades later, that 1969 impression motivates Ken to provide auto detailing services that will make you say: “WOW!”.

“How may we impress you?”

We offer a full array of auto detailing services to make your vehicle look better.

Just tell us what you want done to your vehicle and be prepared to be impressed.

Our professional grade ceramic coatings will make your vehicle look sharp 24/7.

Our ceramic IR (infrared) window film not only looks great, it keeps your cabin cooler!

Your vehicle will look like new with our Full Detail Service.

Have you got scratches, swirl marks, oxidation or holograms that need to be removed? Or is your paint lost itsOur professional paint correction service will take care of those and other paint probems.

Got a rock chip? Our windshield repair service can fix it. Most insurances accepted for payment.

Got a rip, tear, crack or tired looking leather? Our auto trim repair and upholstery repair service can make it better.

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